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Sustainability at Geelong High School.

Sustainability is a significant priority at Geelong High School. There are a number of initiatives in place which are helping to reduce the school’s impact on the environment.

The Green Team

The Geelong High School Green Team, established at the near end of 2014, is a group of students dedicated to reducing the impact we place on the environment both as a school and as we move throughout our individual lives.

During the short time for which we have been active, we have strived to enlighten students, staff and parents alike on the realities of the climate. In order to achieve this, we have scheduled guest speakers, including the privilege of having world famous conservationist Jane Goodall personally educate us, and created thought provoking art pieces among many other things.

Any students with any interest in improving our impact on the environment are welcome to join the Green Team.

Please contact Ms Balkin on balkin.emma.j@edumail.vic.gov.au for details or come to a meeting at school.


We are running activities on the following days, as supported by Cool Australia.


Tim Silverwood Visits Geelong High School

On Wednesday February 17, well known environmentalist, Tim Silverwood, visited to Geelong High School. He spoke to all Year 9 students about the need to ‘Take 3 for the Sea’ in order to protect our marine environment. He showed students examples of the detrimental effects of plastic pollution on our marine environment, enthusing students to rethink our use of plastic (which never breaks down!) and the need to clean up our beaches and waterways.

Tim also conducted a workshop with members of the Year 9 GPEP class and the GHS Green Team to think of ways to reduce our use of plastic, encourage recycling and clean up at home , at school and in public.

See Take 3’s website for further information:


Earth Hour 2016

On Friday March 18th, all nonessential lighting will be turned off at Geelong High School as part of our participation in Earth Hour. We are taking action to address the impact of our actions on climate change and the damage to the environment which is continuing to occur.


Jack Nyhof wins Climate Award!

On Thursday February 18, Jack Nyhof attended the inaugural awards night for the Climate Awards. He was announced as the joint winner of the student category. The CLIMATE Awards, established in 2015, is an initiative of the Victorian Local Government Association in partnership with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC). The Awards recognise Victorian-based students and local governments who Collaborate, Lead, Innovate, Mitigate, Advocate, Transform and Empower to help stop the effects of climate change and contribute to the protection of our climate and environment.

Jack was recognised for his work encouraging others at Geelong High School to take action to protect the environment as well as his work with the wider community, including speaking at the Act on Climate Festival in 2015, working on The Sustainable Hour on local radio station 94.7 and the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

Pictured: Jack Nyhof and Ms Balkin with his upcycled trophy

Tree Planting for Schools Tree Day

On Friday July 29th, Geelong High School students participated in Schools Tree Day for the third consecutive year. Around 100 students worked together with The City of Greater Geelong to plant hundreds of native trees along the Ted Wilson Trail in Corio. Students enjoyed getting their hands dirty and seeing the difference that they made to their local environment. Thanks to the guidance in this process from The City of Greater Geelong and to Catriona Simmonds for organising the day.


Resource Smart Sustainable Schools Initiative-

Sustainability Victoria

Geelong High School has signed up to become a Resource Smart School. ResourceSmart Schools is a Victorian Government initiative that helps schools benefit from embedding sustainability in everything they do. Certification as a Resource Smart school requires the completion of a series of modules:

  • Core Module (completed)
  • Energy Module (completed)
  • Waste Module (currently being undertaken)
  • Water Module
  • Biodiversity Module

As part of the Resource Smart program, we are taking action to minimise waste, save energy and water, promote biodiversity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. ResourceSmart Schools helps reduce costs while giving students the opportunity to learn about sustainability in a tangible and realistic environment. Geelong High School uses the Resource Smart Schools website, which helps us track our sustainability journey and identify savings made.


SWEP- Schools Water Efficiency Program

Geelong High School participates in the Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP).

This Program has provided data loggers to our school to continue the education and demonstration of water efficiency in practice. By thoroughly monitoring water usage, schools can detect and rectify leaks, saving water and money. The program also provides students with an opportunity to learn about water efficiency in a tangible and realistic environment. An exclusive, program specific curriculum resource is available providing relevant water efficiency activities for students.

Since we began this program in 2014, SWEP has enable Geelong High School to identify and rectify a number of water leaks. We are now able to monitor our electricity usage through SWEP as well.


Emma Balkin
Sustainability Coordinator

Camps Program
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Visual Arts

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